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Funeral Services in Lincoln,
Heartfelt Farewells Amongst Beautiful Orchard Land

At Orchard Funeral Services, our mission is to provide your loved one with a dignified farewell amongst our stunning orchard land, whilst alleviating all the worries and stresses that can come with planning a funeral. We are dedicated to providing a meaningful experience for families in Lincolnshire and beyond. High costs and the burden of planning the day can easily become overwhelming, but our caring and comprehensive approach means that you can focus on what matters most.

A Breathtaking Resting Place

Orchard Funeral Service’s unique offering is the opportunity to plan a funeral service amongst our enchanting orchard land, nestled amongst the peaceful and beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. You are free to explore our acres of meadow and woodland too. Our compassionate and experienced funeral directors in Lincolnshire can help you plan the perfect day for those seeking a natural and peaceful resting place for their loved ones.


Funerals in Lincoln - An Exhaustive Service

Our funeral services in Lincolnshire are highly personal and customisable. Not everyone wants to say goodbye in the same way, and we want to make sure that all your loved one's wishes can be honoured. Some of our services include:


Burials & Cremations: Whether you would prefer a burial service at our orchard, a service within Lincoln Crematorium, or perhaps a combination of the two, we can guide you through the process.


Coffins: At Orchard Funeral Services we offer classic oak veneer coffins or beautiful natural eco-wicker coffins. Help With


Vendors: Making arrangements for venues, flowers, music, and other services such as food vendors can easily mount up and become stressful. Our Lincoln funeral directors work closely with various fantastic local vendors and can plan every aspect alongside you, making the day run smoothly and peacefully.


Transport: We typically use a modern hearse for the transportation of your loved one. However, if you would prefer a different mode of transport, or would like to arrange transport for guests, we are happy to arrange this for you.


Living Funerals: Not every funeral has to be traditional. For those who wish to celebrate their life with their loved ones with a living funeral, our team will gladly help every step of the way.

Transparent & Affordable Services

Managing the many costs of a funeral can add overwhelming stress to an already challenging time. Our service costs are as low as possible and completely transparent. We will happily match the cost of any other funeral director in Lincolnshire.

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 Get In Touch

If you have any questions about the services we offer, our burial ground, or need any advice about funeral planning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our compassionate and knowledgeable team. We are open 24 hours, and always available for emergency callouts.



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