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Burial of Ashes Ceremony in Lincoln

At Orchard Funeral Services in Lincoln, we understand the profound significance of bidding farewell to loved ones. As compassionate funeral directors, we offer a specialised service - the dignified burial of ashes - a heartfelt closure for families who seek a serene and meaningful tribute to their departed.

Understanding the Burial of Ashes

The burial of ashes following cremation is a deeply personal and poignant ceremony. This service symbolises a final resting place, a calm setting where memories can be cherished for eternity. For some, it's a union of partners resting together, while for others, it's the opportunity to find solace in a peaceful orchard setting.

A Formalised & Precise Ceremony

With crematorium services constrained by time, our process for the burial of ashes, though structured, does not suffer from time constraints, instead, we have an understanding of emotional needs. The formal ceremony at the crematorium in Lincoln generally includes three pieces of music and essential acknowledgements before families transition to the wake. Some prefer the closure of the curtain, a symbolic gesture as they depart.

Burial Service - A Reverent Ritual

For those opting for an actual burial of ashes or a body, our funeral services in Lincoln offer an accommodating and respectful approach. Whether meeting at the burial grounds or organising a convoy from the home, we initiate a service that reflects the wishes of the family. Readings, poems, music, and toasts resonate through the ceremony, allowing families to bid farewell at their own pace without any time constraints.

Embracing Tranquility at the Orchard

Choosing to bury ashes at our Orchard allows families the freedom to visit anytime, offering solace in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Our Memorial Orchard, Meadow, or Woodland serve as eternal resting places, providing a sense of closure and comfort.

Personalised Funerals for Peaceful Closure


For those seeking an unhurried, relaxed service, our funeral services in Lincoln are often hosted at venues such as Whisby Nature Reserve, followed by direct cremation. This option allows for more time and a relaxed environment for a dignified tribute to your loved one.

The Beauty of Goodbyes Through Burial of Ashes

The burial of ashes isn't just about a final resting place; it's a beautiful closure, a tranquil ritual that honours cherished memories. It provides solace and comfort to families, creating a space for remembrance, reflection, and embracing the legacy of those departed.

At Orchard Funeral Services, we provide compassionate support through every step, ensuring a dignified farewell that honours the life of your loved one. Contact our dedicated and compassionate funeral directors in Lincoln for heartfelt and personalised funeral services, including the burial of ashes, to commemorate the life of your dear departed.

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