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Pet burials at The Orchard Burial Ground

Losing a pet is never easy. It is a devastating moment that no words of condolences can heal. And like any other loved one, you would wish to give your furry friend a dignified final goodbye. We at Orchad Funeral Services strive to provide pet owners with the opportunity to honour their bond one last time.


Therefore, our pet funeral services are designed to assist pet owners through this difficult time.

Our vast burial ground means owners can choose a spot to bury the ashes of their furry friend. 

Pet Burials

We understand pet funerals can be a distressing experience. Therefore, we offer personalised burial services to give your pet the funeral they deserve. Orchard Funeral Services provide owners with vast burial grounds to lay their pets in an area dedicated exclusively to them. Pet owners are free to choose a spot of their liking. Services are upheld with the utmost care, and clients can visit the burial sites of their pets' even after the funeral.

Get in Touch

It may not be easy to call a pet funeral service near you to arrange your pet’s final goodbye. Therefore, Orchard Funeral Services offers an online enquiry form for all funeral-related queries. You can drop us a message along with your email address and someone from our team will respond to you shortly. However, if you require urgent assistance feel free to contact us at 01522 754154 or 07775272082.

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